"UniteUP - Better Togeter" is an Indias first and unique Organic Membership Program for all Employed, Self-Employed & Students.

Launched in July 2016, "UniteUP - Better Togeter" is an Organic Membership Program for all Employed, Self-Employed & Students. It provides discounts and perks to members who are employees from large organizations/ high-purchasing power members across India.


Our passion is Technology. We use Technology as a tool to improve/maintain existing business process in a controlled fashion.

Satyology Solutions believes that to succeed in any project, one requires expertise in multiple areas. Satyology Solutions have a Task Force with multiple area experts, disciplined methodologies, and out-of-the box solutions that help our clients in the areas in which they are facing challenges. We will be with our clients to concentrate more on their own area of expertise instead of concentrating on multiple areas.


Science ---> Technology ---> Solutions

Science ---> Research into questions posed by scientific theories and hypothesis.

Technology ---> The discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems.

Solutions ---> The successful action/method of solving a problem.


To be a premier IT consulting & services company committed to providing excellent services by enhancing the quality and productivity of the client by innovative application of the emerging technologies.


  • Promote emerging technologies like RFID and Biometrics
  • Provide consulting in advanced areas
  • Provide quality service and continuous support

    UniteUp Membership is an Organic Membership Program!

    Powered by Satyology Solutions Private Limited, enabling members to get group benefits, investment opportunities, professional trainings, entertainment, charity and many other exclusive benefits.

    Our motive is "Better Together!" And maintaining 100% Trust… 100% No Data Share… 100% Quality.


  • Group Benefits – Use group purchasing power principles to get the lowest pricing possible for our members (including Grocery stores, Clothes, Restaurants, Tupperware and many more).
  • Investment/ Business Opportunities – Equity, Mutual Fund Tips, Real estate and many more.
  • Health – Online Doctor Consultation for you and your loved family members and much more exclusive benefits.
  • Entertainment – Movie or event tickets and much more exclusive benefits.
  • Charity – Donate food to 10 poor guys on behalf of Members Birthday occasion.

  • Discounted prices on Professional Development Trainings by Industry Top Professionals.
  • Internship/ carrier Opportunities and Referrals.
  • Earning Opportunities for your Pocket Money.

  • Promote your products/ services and Cross Product/ Service Selling at Markup Model.
  • Professional Guidance – Counselling/ mentoring from industry top professionals.
  • Group Insurance Policies – Life and Medical.
  • Our Key Ingredients to make the success of UniteUp membership programs are

  • Stick to Organic Growth
  • Evolving unique benefits
  • Maintain Solid Relationships by enrolling premium members.
  • Excellent member service
  • Lead by IIT and BITS Pilani Alumni

  • We are Happy to see that you have decided to be a                                       part of UniteUp - Better Together

                                     An Organic Membership Program.

     Indivisual Member                        Student Member

    Our individual membership is open to ALL*.                                                              Our Student membership is open to ALL* students whose age                                                                                                                                                                            is between 18 and 25years

    *All in Individual Member - An individual who has received a three- to five-year university-level or higher degree from an accredited institution or program and working or business professional.

    *All in Student Member - An individual who is taking under graduate or graduate or post gradudate courses or job searching engineers (received a three- to five-year university-level or higher degree) who is going through professional trainings.

    The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student member is limited to eight years or 2 years based on student type. Student members, upon graduation or upon reaching the eight-year limit (whichever occurs first) and for job searching engineers, upon working/ business or upon reaching the two-years-limit (whichever occurs first).

    For indivisual member:
    Pre-Launch offer is ₹3000

    For student member:
    Pre-Launch offer is ₹1000

    Contact US

    Phone no: +91 7406646464

    Email: esupport@uniteup.in